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Why order from here
Rellin jewelry wholesale / 2010-01-16



Questions and Answers:




1. Are you the seriously seller?


 "Rellin Jewelry" wholesale shop is professional fashion jewelry wholesale in China. We have our own jewelry factory--Rellin Jewelry Co.,ltd to make our own jewelry, we also represent some of famous jewelry brand in China. 


2. How about your quality about 18K gold plated jewelry?



a. The materials are using environmental alloy to make them, lead free, nickel free.


b. The polishing is using Germany techonlogy, and our five-years experience workers to polish the hard part. They are very shiny and suit for body.


c. The stone are real SWR Austria crystal and Preciosa crystal. They are shiny and look high-end.


d. The three layer plated way, we use real 18K gold plated or Rhodium plated. Then will be another coat. That could keep the jewelry long time no change color.


3. All of your products are in stock?

There are two parts for this wholesale website. One is the styles which are in stock and could offer the small quantities for each style. And other parts are the styles which could offer the fast price quotation for OEM designs customers. That is the part just for order. 


4. Your quality of your fresh water pearl jewelry will be good in that price?

My dear friend, just as you know, the pearls have many levels, and all thing we could do is you could get the best cost-quality products from our company. We just say we are the best in that price and quality level.


5. Your min order is 100USD, but I need check the quality firstly before ordering, what I should do?

No problem, my dear friend, contact us: info@forcollection.com  to begin to place a sample order.


6. Can we get the free no logo photo?

If you think our photo is good, we could offer free no logo photos for you when you order from here.


7. How long can you delivery the products when I place an order?

Please contact us when you confirm the order, we will check how long we prepare the order. For the 18K gold plated jewelry, they could be ready fast, and for the other jewelry, if you need like 20pcs or 50pcs for one style, please give us some days like 7-10days to make them. We are the factory, we could make the totally new ones for you.


8. I have some new styles, can you make them for me?

Yes, my dear friend, we offer the OEM service, just show us the styles you are looking or the styles which sell good in your market, we could check if we could make them for you. And you will get the factory price. Email to us: sales@jewelry-wholesales-china.com


Our Service line: 

Call us: 0086 132 8688 1900 (whatsapp too) or 0086 757 22126100 or email us and we will be happy to answer your questions timely.

Contact us info@forcollection.com




 Contact us any time: 24hours/7days, your email will be replied within one day.