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About us

Rellin Jewelry Co.,ltd is a professional jewelry manufacture more than 15 years. We aim to offer the high quality products to our clients. 

From the first begining factory, we just make customers OEM styles and accumulated many experience, now we also make our own brand. 

Company Certificatie No. 58009735-000-02-12-2 

 Product line: 925 sterling silver jewelry, 18K gold plating jewelry, Swarovski elemental Jewelry, Fresh water pearls jewelry, Shamballa jewelry, Knot bracelets with Natural stone, leather jewelry, Different natural stones lossen bead, Charms, DIY accessory, etc

Contact us:
info@rellin-jewelry.com  service@rellin-jewelry.com

Call us: 0086 -17606642191

Wechat: 0086-17606642191

Skype: rellin-jewelry     whatsapp: 0086 17606642191